AK 47 Bullpup Kits

Our AK Bullpup Kits are designed to work with Romanian type AK47 with a rear square cut receiver with the wood buttstock steel tang and the cleaning rod hole at the gas nut trunnion.

The kit is designed to work with mil-spec magazines, including good milsurp units. Some waffle mags will not work due to the oversized foot of the units.

Mosin Nagant Collection

Mosin Nagant kits will work with the M1891, M1891/30, M1938, M1944, and the M1959

Cossack ES

Fits the Mosin Nagant. Direct bolt on kit. Comes in the duo tone raw grip with black, all black and all white options. Choose either a one piece rear butt or the three rear hinged butt. $340


Mosin kit with an interchangable AR grip. Comes in a duo tone finish and has option of the one or three piece butt cover. $325 Shown with optional muzzle brake, $65

MNX Caliber

Like the MNAR but uses a barrel mounted dovetail scope mount. Requires removal of the factory rear sight. $290 Shown with optional muzzle brake

Saiga 12

Saiga 12 kit for 19.5″ barrels.  Comes with all pic rails for different mounting options. Does not come with sights or accessories.  $380